YO! What's going name Z3R0. I'm an up and coming 20 year old dj looking to inspire and make it in this crazy business called music. As crazy as it sound I'm trying to be something different and really stand out from the crowd. I dj anything from clubs to house party's to business events etc. I'm pushing not only to be the next great dj but also a producer and create my own originals track in music from electro to drum & bass to dub step. my main influence when it comes to the table are Dj AM and Dj Qbert. Music making wise. Would be Daft Punk,Bloody beetroots,Skrillex,Religiondj,Kids at the bar,Chase & Status,Pendulum and so many more. Hope to see you guys on the stage. Feel free to msg me and say what's up. Sincerely Z3R0